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9 Tips for Better Business Blogging

Missing these 9 Tips of Better Business Blogging Means you’re Missing Success:

Don’t be left out, simply follow these 9 tips for better business blogging performance but don’t expect it to happen overnight!

Blogging for business is by far one of the ultimate ways to position yourself with authority and create customer loyalty – provided that you’re willing to devote the necessary time to achieve this task.

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Tips Better Business Blogging

9 Tips for Better Business Blogging

Tip #1

The Right Way for Better Business Blogging:

For better business blogging, drop what is called the advertorial dribble. Years ago a bright entrepreneur reached a conclusion that if he was to write his sales copy in a similar way to the editorial, he’d get more sales and will grow his audience dramatically. Thus the so-called “advertorial,” was created and it still works well in print publications.

But for a better business blogging and your blog the advertorial type does NOT work well.

Don’t get me wrong. You should advertise your products and services on your website, but don’t do it in an unethical or sneaky way. Better, do it the right way. Don’t try self-promotion in an article – your readers will get annoyed and it will make them feel deprived or they’ll feel let down because you got them thinking they’re going to learn something interesting and new that could solve their problem, but only to discover it is not free or it is not there and they’ve got to pay to get it.

For example, if you title your blog post, “Revealed: 30 Ways to Drive Organic Traffic to your Site” and then you ignore revealing anything about driving organic traffic, but instead you add a link to your new product page. That is an instant turnoff and a click away follows.

Instead of that, do it right, title your blog post, “Revealed: 6 Ways to Drive Organic Traffic,” and then GIVE your reader the 6 different ways. At the end of your article, let them know that if they’re interested in more ways to get organic traffic, then they can get the additional 24 methods when they buy your product, that is the right way, it leads your visitor to your product link with an open mindset to accept your offer.

Do this and your visitors will respect you more because you’ve given them some reliable information that they can use and test for themselves now and then when they see results which gives them satisfaction, they’ll comeback if they want more.

By doing that you demonstrated that you are someone who they can trust and rely upon, and that you know what you’re talking about, as a matter of fact this should and will INCREASE your product sales dramatically.

Tip #2:

Be the Authority for Better Business Blogging:

Be the authority. This goes very well along with “Tip #1: Better Business Blogging“, because when you’re talking about a subject with extreme details, all the latest updates, all the ins and outs of your industry rather than spending your time promoting yourself, then at that point you proof that you are the expert in that field which is yours and you become the expert in your prospects’ eyes as well.

And when you become an expert in your field, who else do people want to do business with? The expert of course. Who can charge more for their products and services? Again, the answer is going to be the expert.

What should you do is; offer the latest and up to date news and information along with plenty of how-to articles about your area of expertise and your readers will start to like you more and that paves the way to trusting you. As a result, they’ll want to do business with you. The expert.

Tip #3:

Educate, Inform and Inspire for Better Business Blogging:

Educate, inform and inspire. Use any one of these whenever possible, using real life stories to inspire your readers is an excellent way to get people’s attention. There is nothing that sells like success and success stories, and people are always curious to know how others did it.

People love to read how others have overcome the same problem that they have and wants to know how to solve the challenges they’re having. Whenever you’re stuck or short on ideas for a blog post, just think, “What do my readers want to know more about from me? How can I help my readers solve their problem and how to give them a real value?” Watch the forums for questions that pop up regularly – this is an excellent source for ideas and for targeted audiences.

Tip #4:

Personality Stamp for Better Business Blogging:

Show your personality. Let it shine and stamp it on your post for better business blogging. Building reader loyalty is never going to happen overnight, it takes time and not only just great information – it also takes personality.

Let your own unique style shine, stamp it in your posts, and don’t be afraid to reveal insights about yourself, and if necessary to be controversial when required. Nothing rallies readers like a good controversy, people love it, and nothing makes readers more loyal than if they know you well enough to think of you as a friend.

Tip #5:

Use Promotion for Better Business Blogging:

Promote your blog. It would be great if you could write good subjects for blogging and would be better if people read your posts, but it’s no easy to do that all the time. Promote your blog using your own networks and let them know each time you’ve made a new blog post.

Do use a guest write for other blogs to promote your own blog. And always ask people to share your blog posts with others (see example how many shares “4 YouTube Video Marketing Mistakes” got), it works wonders and you will be amazed to how many people are willing to do it. It also gives you an idea what interests people the most.

Tip #6:

Use Reader’s Interactions for Better Business Blogging:

Ask readers to post their opinion or leave a reply in the comment section. The more active your blog is, the more appealing people will find your blog to be, whether they are new readers or old readers.

Always ask your blog readers to leave their comments and share their thoughts and opinions on the subject of each of your blog posts. It is also a good idea to consider running a contest to see who can write the best response to a post, and give a reward to the best answer.

Do whatever it takes to increase the number of comments and don’t forget to respond to each comment. Comments on your blog are something you should consider seriously. Not only does it make your blog appear much more lively active and universally liked – it also provides a sense of ownership to each person who commented and took the time to comment.

The more comments there are on your blog, the more likely your readers are going to spread the word to others about your blog. There is nothing better than “word of mouth” in marketing. Also, readers will return to your blog in the future as they will remember.

One last important thing, make sure to respond to your reader’s comments so they know they’re being heard and appreciated for their efforts or opinion.

Tip #7:

Be Committed to Better Business Blogging:

Don’t start blogging unless you really want to constantly blog. Blogging is a commitment, it might be an exciting thing to do and it can be fun in the beginning, but writing a new blog post on a daily basis or every other day or two can get tedious after that, especially after the first couple of weeks when you feel like nobody’s is reading what your blogging about.

If you’re not sure that you can keep a your blog rolling, consider an alternative by writing guest posts for other blogs, websites and email newsletters. Every publisher and blog owner will be looking for new material and ideas to add to their site or blog, and being the guest blogger or writer helps puts you in front of an entirely new audience and prospects each time you write.

Tip #8:

Over Deliver for Better Business Blogging:

If you’ve decided to be a guest blogger, then make your resource box exceptionally GREAT. Offer readers some compelling curiosity, interest driven and fascinating ideas with great value to lure them to go to your site, and then over deliver beyond their expectations. This is an excellent method of increasing your list of prospects and it will help you become well-known in your specialised niche.

Tip #9:

Interview the Big Dogs for Better Business Blogging:

Interview the big dogs without fail. Interviewing other contenders in the same niche as yours not only does it produce great content – it can also provide you with powerful contacts and opens the door to access their readers as well when they talk about the interview to their own people.

So don’t hesitate and ask others in the same niche as yours for an interviews – what’s the worst thing that can happen? They will say no? so what? There are plenty others.

But you’ll be surprised how many of them will reply positively to your request. Keep in mind that, they want to increase their own readership as well and for them it is a free publicity. Also it’s a tremendous ego boost for them to be sought after and interviewed as an expert in their own industry.

If there is a Tip #10 out there, it is this: Have fun with light-hearted pleasure. When writing for better business Blogging do whatever it takes to make your blog writing a joyful amusement.

It is what you should do, since your enjoyment and passion is what drives your topic, it will shine through in your posts. The more fun and enjoyment you’re having while writing your blog, the more enjoyable it will be for readers to visit and delight themselves.

So yes, have a blast, add humor, and mood altering effects and don’t be afraid to hold yourself up as an example to your readers, (both good and bad,) put your heart and soul into it, and go for it!

What do you think about these 9 Tips for Better Business Blogging? Let us know in the comments below.

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4 YouTube “Video” Marketing Mistakes

Better Safe than Sorry – Avoid These 4 YouTube Video Marketing Mistakes at any Cost!

You must know these 4 YouTube video marketing mistakes. Why? Because it’s wiser to be cautious and careful than to be hasty or rash and so do something you may later regret.

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YouTube Video Marketing Mistakes

Avoid these 4 Lethal YouTube “Video” Marketing Mistakes

By far YouTube is the ultimate tool that you can get for free, YouTube can drive tons of free traffic to your site if you use it wisely. Also, YouTube is a great tool for marketing your business – but above all, do avoid the following pitfalls at any cost…

Mistake #1:

Create and Upload a Video to YouTube That you Like the Most!

If you are thinking that all you need to do is create a video and upload it to your YouTube channel and then if by a stroke of magic, a flood of traffic will flow to your website, then you have made the wrong assumption.

Think again. No less than 300 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute, so you’ll be facing a stiff competition to get your videos seen by YouTube viewers. There are tons of high-quality videos  on YouTube that never get a chance to get no more than a few thousand views, and no doubt many more get even fewer eyeballs than that.

What to do? First and before most, tailor your video content for your targeted audience and to what your viewers want to watch and learn about but not necessarily to what you want them to see. Always keep your viewer in mind during every step of the video creating process and put their needs and desires ahead of yours. You should do this simply because if your audience wants to watch and learn about online marketing for example while you are showing them something irrelevant to online marketing you will simply get a click away!

Next, promote, promote and then promote more. You’ve got to vigorously promote your video all around the Net. Social sites are often the best way to get the word out, also some other posts on blogs or in forum signature will give you publicity and search engine boost as well.

Third, it is not going to happen in one day or overnight, it takes time, resources and a good idea to make a video that people want to watch and share with their friends. It also takes time and resources to properly promote one of your videos on the Net. Don’t expect that if you slap up any old video on YouTube channel then you’re going to watch your sales skyrocket and money to flock to your bank account.

Mistake #2:

Underestimating the Power Of your Video on YouTube

Never ever think that you’re too small or new to make your video work well for you and your business. Sure enough you need to keep your expectations realistic but it doesn’t mean uploading and promoting your videos on YouTube can’t have an impact on your business. To the contrary, it does. Any business out there that seeks prospects, large or small, can use the power of videos on YouTube to its advantage.

What’s important is that when you want to make a video, think about what you’d like to share with your friends based on their interests and tailor your video to satisfy their likes accordingly. Even a few thousand views can have an impact and can increase your business, and if you get lucky enough with one of your videos, you definitely would love it if that video of yours created the next viral video sensation.

Mistake #3:

Creating a Video on YouTube about “Buy my Product” Type of Commercial.

That is a NO NO. Never create a video type of commercial for YouTube. Your online video is all about engagement with others, it is not about slapping out another “buy my product” type of commercial. 

Think about it for a second, what do you need your video to do as a result of being watched, think of your video as doing much more than simply trying to sell a product or service on your behalf. People are on YouTube to learn something new, fascinating or want to share engaging and fun content, so don’t present them with a 30 minute speech on how great your product is, because odds of them watching it is slim.

Instead, inject fun, excitement, personality and if possible add attractive pizzazz into your videos. Make them emotional, or thought-provoking, or even funny, or all the three together. Stop far a second and ask yourself: If I was to see this video, would I be interested in sharing it with my friends? If the answer is no, then keep working and polishing it till you get your concept right.

Another test you need to do to see if you’re on the right track with your video creation: If you are with a group of friends, are you willing to show them the video? If you answered not, then you might want to start over. But if it happened that you showed them the video, then ask them for their ideas and possible improvements, maybe they can point you to a direction that you haven’t tried before.

Have you not noticed why I have the share buttons above and below each article and on the left of the screen with specific request to share? It simply tells me what people are interested in and I simply have to fulfill this requirement for my site to flourish.

Do you think to the contrary or do you have an idea, view or opinion you care to share? Go ahead and have your say in the comment section below. 

What a video should do; a video should grab attention and keep the viewer entranced during the entire duration. Make it short, it should be – usually make it less than 10 minutes and preferably make it less than 5 minutes in length. And it should leave the viewer with a feeling GLAD they saw it, not glad it’s all over. How many times did you leave an important task to watch a short video somebody sent you because it was so enticing?

Mistake #4:

Only Professionals Can Create a Distinctive Video!

Trying too hard to achieve perfect results? You might think you need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get your professional video created, well the fact is an amateur type of video using a mobile or a normal camera might do just as well as the professional video creators, if not better.

Try to understand people online. Your audience generally don’t like “slick” unless it’s of a “Hollywood” caliber – and that’s not for you it is very expensive. What people do prefer is to watch videos of real people doing real things.

To illustrate the difference between slick and real, think of an overly smooth sales person trying to sell you a truck or a car – isn’t he or she an instant turn off? Now look at a different scenario, think of an average nice person with a car having a “For Sale” sign on it. He/She is going to tell you that it’s a great car especially if they were emotionally attached to it, but it takes about 10 minutes for the heater to warm up and the ride’s not that super smooth as you may expect. Which one do you want to trust more?

Or better yet, think about a person who is trying desperately to impress you with how professional he is at work and how he’s MacGyver type of person who knows everything about everything, compared again to an average sincere person who readily admits that he/she makes countless bone-headed mistakes during the course of the day and sometimes says or does the wrong thing. Which one do you like better?

Bottom Line When Creating a Video for YouTube:

When you’re creating a video do create one to market your business on YouTube, but don’t expect your videos to get millions of views overnight without any promotions. Also, be yourself when creating the videos, and always always keep the targeted viewer in mind through each step of the video creating process.

Don’t forget: What do you think or do you have an idea, view or opinion you care to share? Go ahead you’re welcome to have your say in the comment section below.

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Traffic “Terminators” Conversion Killers

Traffic “Terminators” Conversion Killers: What are they?

Traffic “Terminators” conversion killers is all about website traffic that can’t make your online business thrive or flourish, and without the right traffic you have no chance of making it online.

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Spy versus Spyware Detecting Dealing Traffic Terminators Conversion Killers - Bot Traffic

Spy Versus Spyware Detecting Dealing With Traffic Terminators Conversion Killers – Bot Traffic

Website traffic is the lifeblood of your online business or any online business. Traffic is the indispensable factor, the influencer that gives your website its strength and vitality online, Without traffic your website or any online business of any online marketer will die.

That’s why when you want to buy high quality traffic that converts well you need not look at the cheap ones.

When you think of traffic, you need to think about the Terminator movies as a cautionary tale about buying bad traffic or low quality traffic.

A little was mentioned earlier about the many ways you can get bad traffic and in turn lose your money, and while it’s true that email traffic is by far the best, not all email traffic is created equally.

In fact, some traffic is outright fraud. One unfortunately COMMON example of this are the Conversion Terminators known as traffic Bots.

Now you Know what I Meant by (Traffic “Terminators” Conversion Killers?)

That is the main reason why I’m taking the time to write about this because at one time I myself was a victim of Bot traffic and I don’t want you to fall a prey to bad traffic.

If you aren’t familiar with what Bot traffic is, you can learn all about what it is and how to detect it by reading the article below but in the Back-office under Profile. Simply go to:

“Articles and Videos” Dated 29th Sept 2017 >> Spy vs. Spyware: Detecting and Dealing With Bot Traffic<<.

Of course, if you don’t feel like reading the article since it gets pretty detailed since conversion and high quality traffic is their thing, you don’t have to.

Just Head to Traffic For Me and get your share of high quality traffic NOW. they offer 34% conversion rates that’s backed by a money back guarantee – They’ve already done all the work of verifying the quality of their traffic sources, and they have both proprietary anti-fraud technologies working around the clock like diligent John Connor’s to stop the bots in their tracks.

In other words, they block all bots, spam traps, and other forms of fraud. So, you only pay for clean traffic with high convsersion rates.

Once you try it, definitely you will say: “I’ll Be Back” because they are your Traffic Terminators.

How many traffic sources offer you “money back guarantee” on web traffic?

A few or almost None!

As a matter of fact, you should ask yourself the following questions when buying online traffic from any website:

  • Do they offer money back guarantee?
  • What is the proof of conversion?
  • What type of anti-fraud technologies are they utilizing?
  • How they block all bots?
  • How they detect spam traps?
  • Contact their live online customer support

Any website that is not offering the above as a minimum should be investigated thoroughly before you purchase and I hope that you have gained some knowledge about the Traffic Terminators Conversion Killers and how to avoid their traps.

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How to Get the BEST SEO Possible at the Lowest Price

Okay, so you want to get the BEST SEO Possible at the Lowest Price…

…and you want to Know How?

But the problem is not only how to get the BEST SEO possible at the lowest price, it is even worse than that! You don’t even want to know anything about SEO at all, and frankly you ain’t going to be comfortable when it comes to SEO, so as a result you don’t want to learn it. To put it simply…

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BEST SEO Possible Lowest Price

How to Get the BEST SEO Possible at the Lowest Price?

It’s not your ‘thing.’

…but you need it!

And naturally you want your best sites to rank really high in the search engine results page (SERP) in response to a keyword query by a searcher.

So what should you do to achieve high-ranking at the search engine page with the best SEO at the lowest price?

Most online marketers will hire someone for $10 or $20 an hour to do that awful thing that is called SEO for them.

The problem with paying for SEO is that most of those $10 or $20 an hour workers is that they aren’t able to make money by ranking their own sites high in the search engine results page.

Which leads us to say, they’re not the best choice for the best SEO at the lowest price.

Do you know who these people are? People who have ranked their own websites at the top of Google’s search engine results page.

This leads us to another problem, though, it is that these experts may charge you an arm and a leg. So you are more likely to be charged near $1,000 an hour for their efforts and that’s beyond your budget.

So here’s the solution and what you should do to get the best SEO at the lowest price: Hire a true SEO expert to tell you what needs to be done in 30 minutes or less for less than half of what they charge on an hourly basis.

Record the call.

Then go after the so-called cheap SEO expert and hire one for $20 an hour to implement what you learned from the SEO pro and your problem should be sorted out.

What the Pro SEO will tell you, is no more better than what Backlinko have compiled in one big possible SEO list for ranking factors that are not made public by Google. The same ranking factors have been applied on this site, didn’t you notice?

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What Is Content Marketing?

Why Content Marketing is a Must and What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing, is it just putting up a bunch of blog posts? No, it is far from that.

Content marketing is the business of reaching millions of people daily to change their behavior, and build brand recognition.

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content marketing

What is Content Marketing

These days you want to get your message across to so many people online that you need a good content management strategy to achieve your goal. So what is content marketing exactly?

Content Marketing is defined as “a strategic approach to marketing focused on generating content that has high quality value, is relevant to the needs of your intended audience and is consistent. A content marketing strategy should persuade your visitors to become customers”. achieve that and your content strategy becomes highly effective.

Using banners and even pay per click (PPC) ads which are the old type of online advertising and are losing their effectiveness is no more a good option. They still work but not as good as they did in the past. With content marketing, you will be providing your audience with value first so that you can satisfy your potential customers and assist them in solving their problems. That is the key that gets you the sale.

Content marketing is becoming very important that’s why major brands are switching to content marketing these days. Large companies like P&G and Microsoft are doing it, so if it is good enough for them, it is good enough for you as well. Why are these big brand names deploying content marketing strategy to be part of their marketing campaign? Because when it is done right, it works!

Content marketing has a many benefits to offer and here are three of the main benefits:

  • It is the most cost-effective marketing method
  • Potential and actual customers will become more loyal to your brand
  • Sales will increases so will your profits

High-Quality Content is Essential

The above benefits will only be achieved if your content is of high quality. You can’t just put anything out there, your content has to show the value in terms of benefits. If your content is poor, then this will reflect poorly on your brand, and you will lose your current customers rather than keeping them and won’t gain new ones.

Your marketing campaign must be part of your overall marketing strategy and your campaign must include content marketing. When you’re planning your approach, it is essential that you consider both the new inbound marketing and the traditional outbound marketing. For inbound marketing, your website to stand out of the rest, you needs to have some really high-quality content on it that your target market will find useful.

From Google to Yahoo to Bing and all other major search engines who have changed their algorithms and now reward websites with high-quality content by ranking them higher on the search engine results page. That’s why you need to make sure that every part of your content on your website or blog has to be the best quality and needs to be well optimized to rank high.

For traditional outbound marketing use your content marketing strategy to drive your social media marketing. Don’t just jump on social media – you need an effective content plan that works. You should be writing press releases on a constant basis to assist people and cover the issues that interest them. Don’t use a press release to “big up” your business.

If you want to use PPC advertising, then make sure that the content “behind the click” is of the highest quality that you can come up with. Search engines will prefer and will pick the highest quality, and it makes a lot of sense. Don’t you think so?

What are the Types of Content Marketing?

When it comes to content marketing, it is always advisable to have a mixture of many different content formats in your strategy. Here are a few of the most popular:

Blog Posts:

With your blog, you need to develop a schedule of blog posts. You can use your blog posts to promote your products and/or service and cross-reference them (internally linked) with other content on your blog posts.


Set up a YouTube channel if you don’t have one yet. You want to create valuable videos that will last a long time that wont require you to change regularly or update frequently. Therefore, Videos have to be part of your content marketing strategy.

Case Studies:

Case Studies of content marketing gives an example to see what others are doing and to check out these in-depth case studies that walk you through the process that are used to get better results with content marketing.

If you can demonstrate that someone used your product or service and achieved real results (supported with real data) in a case study then you have a very powerful piece of content to share.


EBooks can be a good lead magnet that can attract people so they can subscribe to your email list. Don’t give away too much information at this stage, only provide value here.


You can create infographics that can go viral, but understand the psychology behind viral content. People like to see infographics so create infographics that are relevant to your product or service. It is a great way to relay a story that you want visually and it is easier for human being.

Templates and Workbooks:

The aim of creating templates and workbooks is to produce useful resources relevant to your audience. Create easily printable workbooks. Make templates clear and easy to follow and provide detailed and clear instructions.

Cheat Sheets:

Cheat sheets have a great value when you provide a short document (most common in PDF format) that summarizes how to do a task easily and fast. Make sure you include links to other publications that explain things in more details for additional learning.

In conclusion, content marketing is a must for your business to florish. High quality content enables you to reach millions of people daily and to change their behavior. That by itself will enable you to build brand recognition. Also, generating content that has high quality value that is relevant to your intended audiance’s needs that is consistent should persuade your visitors to become customers and that byitself is the importance of content marketing with all its types.

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Can You Make Money Online?

Can You Make Money Online? Stripping Away The Myths

Is it scary or can you make money online? A better question is: Can you still make money online?

After all, hundreds of thousands tried, hundreds of thousands are still trying to make money online right now and many will continue to try in the years ahead.

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Make Money Online

Can You Make Money Online?

Online there is so much information overload regarding making money that makes you think that all these millions of online marketers are enjoying unbelievable success.

The hard reality and the sad truth of course is that the vast majority of online marketers are failing, and they’re failing miserably. Their hopes of making money online and living from a work from home business are usually shattered before they even start.

There is more than one reason why the majority of people fail online. It’s usually down to a combination of many different factors, and I’ll explain and look at some of the reasons why “94% of people fail in their online business”. This percentage was the result of 2,730 people surveyed, who were asked:

How much money are you currently making online?
The answers were as follows:

  • 50% made zero
  • 28% made $1-$100 a month

“Both combined equals to 78% !!!”

  • 16% made $100-$1,000 a month
  •  3% made $1,000-$5,000 a month
  •  2% made $5,000-$10,000 a month
  • and 1% made $10,000++

The result of the survey meant that 94% of people are making less than a $1,000 a month! Where do you stand yourself?

Some of the reasons that I list below with harsh facts why people are not making money online, whilst it is entirely possible, is not that easy as a lot of people will try to convince you.

Ready, let’s get down and expose the falseness or hollowness of some of the nonsense out there – hopefully this will save a lot of people a lot of time, money and frustration.

1. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is not as easy as you may think. There are so many unethical claims and worthless talk by so many people who have never made an affiliate sale in their lives. The affiliate marketing model is indeed an extremely powerful model and has made quit a lot of people very wealthy over time. However, you are very unlikely to succeed with affiliate marketing or affiliate programs without going through a difficult and tiring and sometimes lengthy learning process.

There are a huge number of articles and posts out there that you read about affiliate marketing and affiliate programs that are no more than rehashed PLR articles being used by lame hopeless affiliates who are unable to write anything original or of valuable value on a subject that they are hoping to convince you they know all about it hoping to sell you something.

You can easily enough spot these phony affiliate marketers – look at the authority and quality of linking sites, check their traffic rankings. Ninety Nine percent out the time you will find a cookie cutter website just like hundreds of thousands of other websites or a direct link to an affiliate site or affiliate program that they are trying foolishly to make you believe and to sign up for having read their convincing pitch.

Think about it. Are they the people to look to for advice? Think before you answer…….

2. Freebie Seekers and Freeloaders:

Freebie Seekers and Freeloaders – this includes so many people it’s a joke. They talk about their “successful online business” and expect others to follow them blindly. When someone uses the term “business”, what comes to one’s mind? It indicates some kind of investment has been pumped into the business on behalf of the owner of that business – both in terms of time and money.

Those most guilty of this embarrassing or tactless act are usually those who sign up to a free program, usually in the field of Network Marketing or Multi-level Marketing (MLM) arena, and use every useless and pointless form of promotion as long as it’s free. Do you expect to get something for nothing?

The failure rate of MLM schemes is high and only a few survived, but one of the biggest is the freebie mentality. Don’t get lured into believing that you will ever make money online while being in the free state, and if you do then you are one lucky person.

The freeloaders are fooling nobody but themselves, so don’t let them fool you. The programs that they want you to sign up for free offers a paid subscription and they hopefully hope (if they ever manage to recruit a single person or sign up) that they will make a fortune on the subscriptions of others who joined for free.

Normally this rarely happens, simply because like-minded people get attracted to each other and they advertise to other freeloaders who are not even willing to spend any money on their so-called “successful online business”, so they finally fail and quit and remain failures by choice.

Do you not want to believe me, go ahead and visit any free traffic exchange out there and look at some of the thousands of listed promotional webpages. These promoters are only dreamers and hoppers – they will never ever make any serious money online until they accept the hard reality that they need to spend money to make money.

Let’s get something straight here and be realistic – when you’re in search for potions or energy drinks or at least one of the greatest products of genuine quality from a well established brand, would you look for it to be at the free classified sites on the internet? or would you head for the first traffic exchange out there? Think about it for a second – you don’t have to do it for more than a few seconds to realize why these exchanges do not work at all!

3. Building a Blog on a Free Platform

Building a blog using a free platform then adding Google’s Adsense or any other Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads is very unlikely to give that much of success. This applies to all bloggers whether they have one blog or many blogs.

The Adsense program is one of the greatest programs of Google, but it’s also a numbers game – you need a large number of pages and a flood of visitors to make good returns. By good, I mean – thousands of pages receiving thousands of visitors till you probably start getting a decent income.

Creating fifty or more worthless blogs won’t earn you a good income even if some people tell you that all you need to earn a decent income are a couple of Adsense clicks a day for each blog and you’ll be raking in the money like crazy. Great assumption, but to get free and organic traffic to even generate those sought after clicks in the first place is not possible with the latest technology used by reputable search engines like Google.

Building up low quality free web pages will achieve you nothing – in fact, most likely you’ll get banned from Blogger and Adsense if you’re not careful. Oh, and don’t even think you’ll get away by using auto surf sites to get a large number of impressions – Adsense will get you banned very quickly if you were to use any kind of traffic exchange in conjunction with their Adsense program. Google protects their customers and their reputation.

Of course freebie seekers will tell you to the contrary, expecting you to believe that their low Page Ranking (PR0) blog that has no comments is really getting them thousand of dollars month after month, and that all you need to do is visit a few selected sites where you can duplicate exact same method they are using to make profit. Most likely, you will be directed to a page with an affiliate link – Clickbank or the like – in an attempt to make you buy an ebook that the freebie seekers has never ever seen before or ever read.

4. Making Millions Using PPC Advertising

So many people claim that using Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising can make you millions! There is no brainer – all what you need to do is pick a few sought after keywords, write a killer ad, link your ad to a lucrative affiliate program then pay Google, Yahoo, MSN or whoever. Then voila, you wake up filthy rich the next morning, something that is beyond your wildest dreams.

Sorry for being sarcastic, but the hard really is that it is not that easy at all. Ask anyone who has used PPC for advertizing they will tell you that they lost their shirt along the way, paying for a thousands of clicks without generating a sale is not going to make you a profit, and when the ad campaign is over the flow of traffic stops!

I do sympathize with these type of people more than the freeloaders; after all, I do appreciate their move as they have accepted the fact that they need to spend money to make money, but unless you do your homework well, it’s most likely that it will be costly. Even if you were to research beforehand, there are no guarantees that PPC campaigns are going to work and give you a decent return. Having said all that, please note that high quality conversions Pay-Per-Click can be a very profitable tool if used correctly, just don’t believe claims from totally inexperienced people.

5. Starting a Blog 

So many people have claimed that you can make money by starting to blog on a daily basis or by blogging during your free time and soon you’ll be racking checks on a monthly basis. Don’t believe this claim either. Blogs are great as a marketing tool that gets you traffic, but don’t get me wrong. A good blogger can increase his exposure tremendously, but there are a few bloggers who can do that, they are naturally gifted.

Blogger’s blogs are not usually their direct revenue generators. A blog is no more than a tool, and if it is used wisely it will help an online business grow, but blogging by itself isn’t likely to pay the bills all by itself. There will need to be another source of monetizing your blog to make money.

6. Article Marketing

At some time article marketing did flourish well – however, now it has become another area where a lot of ill-informed and self-hyped prose is written. However, as a long-term strategy to building a business and if carried out correctly, article marketing can be a great beneficial business of any business you are in, but Article marketing takes time for you to see results and there is a learning curve to go through when using article marketing.

Actually there were some people who were advocating the tactic of blanket bombing to article directories with PLR articles and taking advantage of the resource box by adding affiliate links to it. They even hyped it and went as far as to claim that this would guarantee a large number of clicks and sales.

Again, this is just another piece of nonsense from a clueless person, who, and without a doubt is wondering why article marketing is not used so much and are considered useless, whilst trying to convince others how much money it will make them. Article directories are authority sites and in fact most article directories won’t permit a direct link to an affiliate program in the resource boxes! It follows that this is hardly the right way to proceed.

7. Work from Home Business Opportunities:

At one time work from home opportunities and work from home business ideas grew to an unexpectedly high level of acceptance and demand. unfortunately, work from home opportunities become a breeding ground for scammers from all over the world. Global opportunities flock the Net from peddlers of schemes and tricks that made them rich and there were plenty of them.

Today there are several “work from home opportunities” circulating the illegal borderline and when they disappear into thin air, then and without a doubt there will be plenty of new ones to replace them.

There are many opportunities that promise overnight riches . They rarely hold much water if you examine them even thoroughly. Just because someone showed you a video of himself or someone else opening a recently received envelopes full of money does not make the opportunity legitimate.

A “scamming” program of this type has obviously lured a large number of down to earth people who really believe that people will be lining up to send them a few thousand bucks just because they show them a video on a traffic exchange with promising results.

Have you ever managed to sell a product online for a few thousand bucks or more? Most likely the answer is – probably not. If you fall for this kind of scam, you probably deserve to get overcharged – after all, is it difficult for someone to get a few thousand bucks in cash (there are many ways), go to any courier service such as UPS or FedEx, mail in the money to yourself and then film it as it arrives and the subsequent opening of the envelopes on a mobile. Can’t you do it? If you fall for such a convincing scam, then you must have learned a painful lessons!

Whenever you read or hear some bizarre claims with loads of easy to make money and easy retirement before you’ve even started to work, in conjunction with proclamations that you don’t have to do any selling, don’t have to advertise, don’t have to do anything at all really, other than to sit back and watch the money rack into your account….. and you find yourself believing it – my advice is to seek professional help.

The only exception for this would be if you make your money work for you such as in an investing programs and I’m involved with some that are listed on the home page.

8. Read to Make Money

There are many money-making sites that pay you to read emails, ads, visit sites, sign up for free offers, etc… I’m not on the opinion that none of them work but in terms of how much time spent compared to the financial reward in return, they are usually shockingly unacceptable. Are you willing to work for $20 a month?

These are just eight of the countless things that you should not fall to online or believe in. Trust me there are much more than what you just read.

Does that mean that you don’t have to try an online business because of the above? The answer is there is a way. If you are really serious about making money online, you need to create a strategy plan. You need to set a budget and spend some money to get yourself into business. You need an online presence so you need your own website to start with (unless if you intend to buy hundred of ebooks and online courses that tells you how to succeed without the most basic needs). This means a hosting fees.

If you are starting with a low-level of technical knowledge, you need to spend a lot of time learning the ropes otherwise you need to pay someone to do it for you. With today’s technology and the ease of communication online, the sooner you accept the inevitable must have to pay out some cash as you go along, the sooner you will start on the right path with some real possibilities.

There are many ways to make money online, and there are a countless number of people who are living proof of this fact, but try not to be caught by scammers. Do your due diligence and research each and every opportunity before joining. Trust me I was a victim at one time.

What about Stocks – Investing and Currency Trading?

I have not mentioned anything about stocks, investing or currency trading simply because they are not scams. Currency trading and online investments can be a very well rewarding and lucrative business and best of all you won’t need a website of your own for this kind of money-making venture, but you will need to come up with a capital, and you need to accept the reality that there is a risks involved, but not that significant if you learn how to manage risk – “Invest only what you can afford to lose, and do your due diligence.”

However that’s a subject that will be covered some another time. And as my father once told me, a free advice is often pretty much worth as much as what you pay for it. Just be extremely careful in what you believe during your search and quest for online wealth and you’ll avoid a lot of wasted time and setbacks.

On the Net, there IS a lot of free information and also there are a lot of sites offering free tools and software and services that will help you on your journey – but – since you are starting an online business and as I said before: the term “business” by itself means you will need to pump in some business capital to get you off the ground and running.

If you think to the contrary and insist to look for the elusive, free or the no cost luring magic of the Net, you have chosen to fail and I don’t care what any rehashed someone  or some self-help book talks about irrefutable laws of nature or anything else in this regard. You need to do much more than just to dream about an online business success if you wish to achieve it.

Finally as a closing thought – money is what keeps the world go round. If nobody wants to spend any money, consequently nobody will receive any. If you can find any source that disproves with what I just said, please tell me where to go and sign up.

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The Postman Story

A Lesson Learned from the Postman Story….

This post is a unordinary lesson learned from the postman story.

Each and every day of the week, there was a young postman that goes to the depot, he gets into a van full of various letter sizes and different parcels, and sets out on his way, delivering his packages to its rightful owners. As he passes around, he often comes across different businesses and meets many people every day.

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postman story Build your own business

Lesson Learned from the Postman Story

The postman notices that there’s one particular house that often has parcels, and the house owner always seems to be in. Over a period of time, the postman developed a cordial relationship with the house owner, trading comments on the news of the day and how each other’s lives are going.

Eventually curiosity gets the better of the postman and he asks the house owner – “What’s in all the parcels and packages that he delivers to him?”

The house owner asks him to come back after he completes his work to see for himself. Later on that day the postman returns and the house owner invites him to come in and offers the postman a cup of coffee. The house owner tells the postman that they run their own business from home. The packages and parcels are no more than their products and sales materials, it’s hard work but they spend their day working at it every day, building their own future independent of the rat race.

The young postman was in enthralled by their business concept, he asks them what exactly are they doing, and how they do it, he’d never ever thought of working for himself before… Will he able to run his own business from the comfort of his home if he wanted to?

The house owner sits and explains a little about his concept and his business. He tells the young postman that it’s more important that he finds something that he love to do and work at it first, rather than just trying to build and sell anything.

What’s the Hardest Part of Building the Postman’s New Business!

The house owner explains that finding something that the young postman loves to do, or something that he’s enthusiastic about, and making it his own business that he can run for himself, is the hardest part in starting a business. He tells him: if you can find that one thing to start with and make a business out of it, everything else falls into place and it makes everything else much easier.

Building your own business that is centered around what you love to do and concentrating on those strengths makes each and every day an easier challenge. The young postman considered all this and thanking the house owner for his valuable advise, set off home thinking about his own dream and future. The ideas that came to mind in the past and had considered before but he had no idea how to put them into practice. Now he is putting his leg onto the right track and direction.

A few years later, the young postman returned to the same home owner, he thanked him sincerely for his guidance and advice and for the time he has spared in explaining some of the challenges that one encounters when someone starts his or her own business at home. He had taken all that valuable advice and guidance then tried it for himself.

He told the house owner about his own business that he started at home, he had always loved brewing ales, and now he has accomplished his dream and was running his own micro-brewery. It was a hobby he loved for many years, making his own ales with a special touch of flavored beers, but he’d never thought before that this hobby that he loved so much could become a business he would do at home.

He got some help from the bank to start his business and a few years to get running and get some independent pubs to stock his product, but in the previous year and for the first time, he was able to write his own check and never to live paycheck to paycheck, eventually he resigned from the post office.

Now and forever, each day he was able to work on something he enjoyed and loves so much, rather than just trying to make ends meet.

So here’s my question to you… What hobby or interest can you turn and make it your future gold? Think about this for a moment and develop a plan to liberate yourself by following your passion and love by turning it into a rpofitable business. You can listen to hundreds of success storeys and start climbing the mountain yourself by clicking here risk free.

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Riskless $10,000 Monthly Income – FAST….

Strategy to Produce $10,000 Monthly Income Riskless.

I want to give you a proven strategy that my friend and me have been using for the past year and a few months that will produce a $10,000 of monthly income for you within 12 months.

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Riskless Strategy Month Income

Riskless Strategy $10,000 Monthly Income

This is a strategy I have been recommending to my family and friends. It has been working really well for them, it has changed their lives over the past 16 months, it will work for anyone and involves…

  • No Risk
  • No Work
  • No Selling
  • No Recruiting
  • No Stress

For some of you it may be a leap too far to understand, but it is without a doubt the best way to do things, so I encourage you to cast aside fear…

However, if you have “cold feet” for whatever reason this is the answer to that problem!

The level at which you start does not matter; what does matter is that you start NOW!

A lower starting point will take longer and a higher one will get you there faster…

I recommend you use other people’s money for this such as a credit card or personal loan, but if you have cash sitting in a bank (which is a total waste) you can also use that…

Here are the four simple steps:

  1.     You take $5,000 and buy Bitcoins (if you don’t already have them)
  2.     You use $997 to become an Elite Member in Freedom Formula
  3.     You use the balance to make a loan (investment) in the Freedom Formula at 50% A Month Interest (ends Jan 20th 2018).
  4.     In 30 days time you receive $6,000 in Bitcoins – cash in $5,000 and repay the loan and re-invest $1,000

You are now 100% riskless or better known as risk free with a $1,000 investment compounding at 50% a month! (after Jan 20th 2018 the Freedom Formula will pay new members 30%)

In around 8 months that will have grown to over $20,000 and at 50% a month will produce an income of over $10,000 a month.

Not sure how to get started?

We’ll help you do it

You can get started for as little as $100 but of course it will take longer to reach a $10,000 a month income, but get started TODAY…

The longer you delay, the farther away your dream retirement becomes!

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Top View: Lesson on Perspective

Introducing Top View and Concept of Perspective

Top view: a lesson on perspective:

It explains how someone sees a situation, how they feel about a situation, their opinions of a situation, and the like in a short story format.

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Top View Lesson Prospective

Top View Lesson Prospective

There was an old hermit who lived high on a mountain top above a small town, and every day as people of this small town below him rush around, doing their daily work, the hermit would only watch them going around.

He had everything that is needed for him to survive on the mountain top, there was plenty of food and all necessary supplies, he had a small garden full of all kinds of vegetables near his cabin, and he kept some domestic animals to supply his needs of dairy products like fresh milk, eggs, etc… He lived near a rock pool filled with natural water that flowed down from a higher place in the mountain top.

He lived a quiet and content life. Every day right after his breakfast and after he finishes his morning chores, he would pack his lunch and it take with him to a rocky outcrop where he could sit and eat his launch while watching the activity in the small town below.

That small town was a long way down the mountain, people run around to perform their daily tasks and they look like ants to him looking from above, but even through all the activity and busyness, to him it seemed like a peaceful place or it looked like a great dance or a ballet.

He would watch the activities of this small town every day, finally he decided that it was time for him to go down to that small town and experience this beautiful ballet dance for himself. He grabbed his coat and started climbing down from the mountaintop. As he descended and got closer, he started to hear noises he was not familiar with, the closer he got to that small town, the louder the noises became.

Learning the Lesson of Prospective but not from a Top View Position…

Finally, he reached the bottom of the mountain. The noise was so loud and almost deafening, everywhere he turned around there were people rushing around taking care of their daily tasks, he couldn’t even begin to understand what was going on, as he walked through the streets and alleys, he was getting pushed and bumped by the passing crowds.

He was astonished, he could not understand where did that peaceful and beautiful ballet dance had gone.

Fed up and unable to take it anymore, the hermit rushed out and fled the town, back to the safety of his mountaintop. Upon arriving home, he headed directly to the outcrop and looked down again upon the small town, to his surprise and amazement the beauty and silence had returned to the small town. He was able to see all the ants rushing around way below, but the loud noise was not there anymore, all the screaming and shouting sounds and the mixture of noisy voices were gone, replaced with the calm silence he had always heard before.

He sat down at the outcrop and stared in a puzzled and amazed way, asking himself how could this be, such a peaceful and beautiful scenery come from such a noisy chaos?

Similarly, in our lives and in business, we’ll often feel overwhelmed by what’s going on around us, but is it really the stressful pressure-cooker we believe it to be? When we the people feel overwhelmed, our natural response is to give up on completing a task or to break down. But instead of giving up, whenever you feel down and those times approaching, take a step away from the daily issues and look back at them from the top or from a distance to change your perspective of things you are looking at.

Often, with a fresh and different look you’ll find that the situation or decision that you have lost control of, that has been stressing you out can be conquered, when you step away from it and see it from a different angle and without all the other clutter, it’s not as bad as you thought it was, and often when you view it from a different angle or the outside (looking inwards) you can see a different solution that is clearer than you would when you’re looking from inside the problem.

Make this a daily habit, each day, take a moment out, step outside of your daily business routine, your problems, find your peaceful ‘mountaintop’ and look down on your life from the top and in a different perspective.

You will find that it’s all about your perspective and how you were looking at things, when the one you have isn’t serving you, simply get up and go to another side of it.

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Add Now to All Your Campaigns

Add this Word Now to All of Your Campaigns!

What is it that you need to add now to all your campaigns that makes the difference?

Humans are hard-wired and hard to understand for fight or to flight. That is, humans are wired to be impulsive and they take act without thinking.

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Action now

Add action now

So how can you utilize the brain’s need to take action without thinking to your advantage?

Simply by adding one word to your campaigns right now that makes a difference.

After all, think about it, people want what they want right now not later on.

Tomorrow is too late for them, they are in a hurry. Yesterday is also over. Now is exactly the right moment to take action.

So do it now without delay. Add the word and see what happens to your campaign. I’ll bet you your conversions rates and engagement would improve immediately and dramatically.

Pssst… Are you still wondering and trying to figure out what the word is?

Now you’d better pay attention and add this word right now without delay to all your social media posts, ads, calls to action and so forth.

Yes. Now. 😉

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