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Smart Ways to Get Your Emails Opened

Use these Smart Ways to Get Your Emails Opened

I like to call it “smart ways to get your emails opened” while others may call it “Sneaky Tips to Get Your Emails Opened.” Either way, the goal is the same.

You spend countless hours working hard to write the perfect email and you shoot it out – and then nobody even bothers to open the darn email. What a frustration.

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Smart Ways Get Emails Opened

Smart Ways to Get your Emails Opened


As a marketer, what should you do?

How about using a new subject line, try one of the following smart ways:

Insert your Personality and Get Personal.

Let your own personality shine in your subject line. Let’s face it – no one is going to be excited with dry toast, which is precisely why you need to be letting your own personality show who you are and shine in the subject line.

It is true though, that some people won’t like your personality. So what? On the other hand, others will love your personality because they see what they want to become themselves in you, and they’ll become supportive fans which counts the most.

For examples: “There are three experts in our own niche that are dead WRONG,” “Why do I hate beets and want them vanished from the planet,” “Why do I check under my bed before going to sleep every night,” and “10 things I learned from the worst world leader in history.”

Use Numbers, it is One of the Smart Ways to Get Your Emails Opened

When it comes to the big field of words, numbers and symbols stand out from the rest. (Think about your Gmail inbox) do you have titles similar to ones below:

For example: “7 smart ways to make a German Apple Pie,” “3 people I hate the most” and “5 days in the wild.”

Ask a question. Asking Questions it is Just Another Smart Way to Get Your Emails Opened

Never under-estimate the power of a question. For whatsoever reason, smart questions seem to work wonders and are better than statements. Questions entice the reader to stop mementerly and think deeper.

For example, instead of asking, “How to do this,” consider ask the question in a different way like, “Can you tell me how to do this?”

Yet another example: “Why can’t you go to the bathroom?” “Where do you want me to ship this?” “Is the dorky look back in style?” (Dorky means unfashionable,) Why would anyone wear such an unfashionable/dorky glasses?

Invoking Curiosity Gets Your Emails Opened

Curiosity killed the cat, you definitely don’t want to kill your visitors, you only want to invoke curiosity.

It is not so strange that weird headlines get clicks – sometimes. This one is a little bit tricky to implement, but if you can cause enough curiosity, you’ll be blown away at how many subscribers will open your emails just by having strange headlines.

If you receive a lot of emails, check carefully and see which one entices your curiosity the most.

Examples: “My Dr. told me to eat dirt,” “How to know you’re about to have a heart attack” and “The dessert only diet.” When you read all of these headlines for the first time, you would say “WHAT?”

Super Short Subject Lines:

How short subject lines can be to make it super short?

There was a reason why, for awhile, you kept seeing the subject line, “Hey.”

It worked.

But like anything else, once it’s used too much, it becomes ineffective and wears off.

But it doesn’t heart if every once in awhile you try using either a one word subject line, or a short subject line that you use as a great opening to a story. Examples:

“Yikes!” “Damn,” “That’s when I knew,” “Unbelievable!” “Groan…” “Oh no!” “How did THAT happen?” “Facepalming AGAIN,” and so forth.

And One Last Smart Way but Ultra-Important Tip:

Always send your emails twice. The second time should be to everyone who didn’t open these emails from the first time.

How this works: Now a days, nearly every autoresponder has this option, and if yours doesn’t have this option, ask your provider for it.

When you send emails out, send them in the morning. Wait for 8 to 12 hours, and then resend it to everyone who didn’t open it the from the first time.

Make sure you use a different subject line the second time, but keep the email contents the same.

Your second subject line can be entirely different, thus (hopefully) sparking interest in those subscribers who didn’t open the first email.

Alternatively, you can simply say, “You missed this email earlier,” or something like that.

Typically, I get nearly as many emails opened the second time I send an email as I do in the first time.

This is a great way to reuse your emails. You’re not annoying those subscribers who did open your first email. And you will get more clicks and make more sales with less efforts.

Finally, you may schedule the second email to go out when you send out the first email. Just make sure to send it only to those readers who did not open those email the first time.

Let’s hear what you think about “Smart Ways to Get Your Emails Opened” express your opinion in the comments below.

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