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6 Tips for Writing Great Content

Writing Great Content is Never too Easy: Miss Out this Advise and You Miss Greatly – Read it to Benefit!

Writing great content gives you the ability to communicate your message properly, get traffic and make sales. A few things that makes your content truly great can be overlooked if you don’t pay real attention to small things… Do you know what they are?

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Tips Writing Great Content

Tips for Writing Great Content


1. Write Contents for the Human Readers.

When you write, who do you write for? Is it your readers or search engines?

That’s why when you write, write for your audience, NOT for search engines. Sometimes we get carried away and we get caught up optimizing our content for SEO that we forget we’re really writing for our readers and not search engines.

I’ve been there done that! And sometimes I forget it.

When Creating content create some great content that is useful for people, the content should help them, educate people and entertain them at the same time.

Make SEO your second priority when writing your content, Your first priority should be people. Otherwise your visitors isn’t going to get past your second paragraph before clicking away from your site and moving on to someone else’s.

2. Write Contents for Your Platform Reader.

Write great contents for your readers, NOT for a certain platform that you prefer.

regretfully, these days social media has become dominant and all we hear about is social media and everyone wants to know what to put on social media like Facebook, or they want to know what to Tweet and so forth to make a quick buck on the fly.

Again, if you are using this approach then you’re using the wrong approach and it will cost you on the long run.

Here is what to do instead. identify what your audience want, and THEN consider which platforms are best for delivering your great content. It’s not about Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, your blog, etc… it’s about giving your audience what they really want the most.

3. Avoid the Control Freak Feeling.

Don’t be a control freak. It’s not so difficult for you to fall into the mindset that all the contents that you write must be published on your own website for you to stay in control, This type of thinking will only limit your ability to reach a wider audience.

What to do instead, build your content so that it can travel around the Net, build it so that it can be downloaded, embedded or shared on social media and/or friends – thus by doing so you’re capturing many more eyeballs than you think and attracting attention of those eyeballs back to your site.

You should think of your content as your ambassadors who are traveling all around the world to tell your stories to others, and sending those new audiences back to your site.

The more shares your content gets, the more people it will reach, and the more traffic you will get back  to your site.

4. Produce Good Helpful and Productive Results for your Readers

Be fruitful. Regardless whether you’re writing one article or blogging once a week, try stepping it up to one blog a day if you can, or even more.

Write as much great content as you can, and don’t get stuck in one rigid rut, either. Create a range of different contents and see what attracts the most eyeballs and the most responses.

When you get a feedback, pay attention to audiences’ feedback – they’ll tell you what’s working for you and what’s not, what they love and their interests, and what they want more of. This way you know what to provide.

5. Give Your Readers Topics they Seek.

Be open with your audience. If you planned to create a series of videos on topic A, and it happened that during your second video you introduced topic B, and your audience went nuts and started to ask for more information about topic B. The here is what to do?

Simply – give them what they are asking for right there and NOW. You still can finish your series later on if you want to, but for right now, you’ve struck gold mine and you need to start mining that gold for all it’s worth.

And when you start giving, be smart and give your audience great content on Topic B that they can’t resist, interview an expert or two on that particular topic if it is necessary, offer your audience products with your affiliate links on that topic, and so on.

Sometimes we hit pay dirt when we least expect to do so, and the most foolish thing one can do is to ignore it and NOT jump on the opportunity immediately.

If you want to make money, you need to know that money loves speed, and customers love to spend their money to have their desires satisfied NOW.

6. Look After Your Readers Like Exactly Like Customer Services do.

Last, When you make a blog post, don’t create your content and run. Always go back and ANSWER to your replies you get. When you create a Tweet, don’t leave Twitter till you respond to the responses you get from others, and so forth.

When you follow-up, this interaction says as much about you as much as it says about your content, and if you do follow-up correctly, it says that you’re not just looking to make a quick buck and you DO care about your audiences.

Not only is it the classy thing to do – it’s also the most profitable thing to do. Wouldn’t you agree?

Let’s hear what you think about “6 Tips for Writing Great Content” express your opinion in the comments below.

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