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How to Capture Your Reader’s Attention?

Don’t Forget to Capture your Reader’s Attention Since it is One of the Most Important Parts of Online Marketing.

But the question remains how to capture your reader’s attention?

At one time, there was a very sexy commercial on television with the line, “If you want to capture someone’s attention, whisper.” And without a doubt the commercial showed a beautiful woman whispering into a man’s ear – But this by itself was a false advertising. Can you guess why?

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capture reader's attention

Whispering to Capture Reader’s Attention

Frankly speaking, it wasn’t the whispering that captured the attention – it was that good-looking lady in the commercial.

Why do you think sex will capture human’s attention every time, and what is that distinctive ingredient that (surprisingly) works just as good as sex to attract your prospect’s eyeballs to your webpage?

Here’s what I’ve Learned that Captures Reader’s Attention:

The human being has 3 brains enclaved into one – the analytical, thinking brain; the emotional brain; and the primitive, reptilian brain.

reptilian brain

Example Emphasising Reptilian Brain Way to Attract Reader’s Attention

The primitive brain has one and only one interest – survival. The job of the primitive brain is to constantly monitor the surrounding environment for 3 things:

  1. Food or anything it can eat.
  2. Reproduction or anything it can have sex with.
  3. Violence or anything that will harm, hurt or kill it.

That says it all. The primitive brain keeps monitoring the surrounding environment for survival of the human being and the species, and because it’s a primitive and simple, it’s also brain-dead and easy to capture its attention.

Then what should you do, simply use images or pictures with words that brings the sex thoughts out, encourages food craving or entice danger and your prospect cannot resist but not to look away.

Yes, it’s that simple. If you have an image of a violent accident posted on your site, it will attract your reader’s attention and they will stop to take a look. Don’t you do it while driving, it causes curiousity.

The human primative brain will feel the danger and will make people unable to keep themselves from slowing down and to look and see the danger.

Do you know why so many movie scenes involve chases, dangerous scenes and violence related – Hollywood knows how to entice the primitive brain that forces you to simply not flip to another channel. They simply are catering to your primitive brain.

So this is a simple way to attract your reader’s attention with the help of the primitive brain and the next time when you want to rivet your reader to your sales page in a smart way, try adding some sexy elements, or some food, or even a sense of wild danger.

Your reader won’t know why they can’t take their eyes away from your sales page as it will appeal to them. However, your readers will think that their intense interest in your page must have something to do with the contents of your page, and thus they will be more inclined to linger on your sales page and possibly take the action you desire.

Finally my advise, become irresistible to your readers – try catering their primitive brain in a smart way as well as to their emotional and analytical brains and see what will happen.

Here is an example from the Leads and Sales page, can you identify which one caters to your primitive brain?

Let’s hear what you think about “How to Capture Your Reader’s Attention?” express your opinion in the comments below.

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